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The organisation stand firmly to advocate on issues that concern the development of rural settlements. The issue of Teenage Pregnancy and Female Genital Mutilation are becoming alarming now demand high intervention of the general public knowing fully that only government cannot solve this problem in our communities, therefore this is the top Advocacy issue of HMGSF.
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Because it not an assumption that the youth are the future of every community. HMGSF take it as a challenge to ensure our youth are well informed through or counseling and mentorship unit, in reaching out to this youths to educate them on Adolescents Reproductive Health which we tagged "Knowing Sequence" known in Yoruba as "Mobosenlo" The impact of the family especially the mother in the growth of children is about 72%!! HMGSF create an avenue to interact and and mentor the parent especially the mothers on the development of their children which we call #KYC (Know Your Child).
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The organization is strongly concerned and focus also on a better tomorrow; therefore, we engage the primary and secondary school children in career through our MOBOSENLO and EDUGIVING projects.

· MOBOSENLO allows to engage these children on adolescent reproductive sexual health where we train them on how to protect themselves from Child Sexual Molestation, sexual abuse/violence, domestic violence, drug abuse and why them must SPEAK OUT.

· EDUGIVING allows us give back to children that are cannot afford quality education and services such child protection and back to school initiative
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"It is believed that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop". HMGSF put it on itself to empower women and youths in rural areas to be able to have an end means to support their families. Over the years our #DIY (Do It Yourself) initiative has benefited lot of women in the rural part of Ikorodu where these women can make earnings through the production of insecticides, Toilet wash, Liquid soap, hairdressing, tailoring etc.
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Our interventions in ensuring a healthy sustainable environment includes: HIV/AIDS counselling and Testing, Sexual Reproductive Health, Malaria and Cancer Awareness Community Outreaches, counselling and mediation.
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The organization has taken it up as our duty to extend love to children in orphanage or rehabilitation homes every February of the year with gifts and counselling services.

8, Oluwadamisi Avenue near ACE College, Off Olu-Odo Road, Ikorodu Lagos


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